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Business Vault


Do you know where to find all your online “things”? Google Drive? Desktop? Downloads? Email inbox… inboxes? Maybe a combination of all the places. Imagine how much time and mental energy you’d save if you could find it all in one organized place!

If you’d like to access all of your business tools and resources with just a click of the mouse…

If you want to have easy access to all the courses and resources that you have purchased and downloaded…

If you would you like to simplify access to your brand colors, social links, and passwords…

… Then you’ll want the Business Vault offered by Guppy Gigs! One of your new BFFs, this template gives you

  • 19 Categories to organize your business ($100 value)
  • Step-By-Step set up in just 10 minutes a day ($50 value)
  • Time back – since you won’t be hunting and sifting through allll the places (priceless)


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