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Connection gives purpose and meaning to our lives.
~ Brené Brown

1 to 2-hour experience

Essential Oil Make & Take

Essential oils are extremely concentrated fragrant extracts. They not only smell incredible but these aromas are also proven to have incredibly positive impacts on your mood and health — physical, emotional, spiritual.

Make & Take experiences allow you to craft essential oil assets to enhance your wellness lifestyle.

Day workshop

Nourishing Cattails

Tired of the pressures, busyness and distractions of the day-to-day that can open a door to internal and external voices and prods to strive for... hustle at... Better. Faster. More? The wrestles of the 'too much' and 'not enough'? Nourishing Cattails is an invitation for you to pause. Come, just as you are, and learn to partner with God to foster the hospitality your soul desires.

1 to 2-hour workshop


Kombucha is a popular health-promoting beverage and natural folk remedy. It has been extensively studied and applied for several medical uses in Russia, Germany, China and many other places. It contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Kombucha experiences offer you the ability to sample various kombucha flavors, learn how it's made, and go home with your own kombucha starter kit.

2-hour gathering

Recipe Party

Whether you're seeking to expand your recipe portfolio, explore more ways to infuse healthy foods into your family dining, or to simply experience a fun gathering where food is involved, this is your ticket.

Recipe parties allow to you sample new-to-you, healthy recipes, learn a health nugget or two, and enjoy a meal in community.

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