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Holy Tech Tools Batman!

Simple and Effective

Say Goodbye to Tech Chaos, Hello to Efficiency

Maximize productivity with this plug & play tech organization guide!

Go from hot mess to no stress 😎 

Do It Anyway

Are you tired of spending precious time sifting through your tech tools, feeling overwhelmed, and trying to remember what tools you used for the varying assets in your business? Do you wonder if you could hand off a project in your business and actually have someone pick it right up and seamlessly dive in?

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You want

  • streamlined and simple when creating or updating assets in your business
  • to save time — your most valuable asset
  • to save money when hiring out projects

And you know some type of organization is exactly what you need to achieve just that.

The problem is

  • it feels overwhelming
  • you don't know the best place to organize it all
  • you don't even know how to start

Well, fret no more because Holy Tech Tools Batman!  is here to save the day!

What Is It?

Holy Tech Tools Batman! is a Plug & Play guide that helps you organize your tech tools effortlessly, ensuring that anyone working on your business knows exactly which tools to use for each project.

With step-by-step instructions, you'll be able to easily implement the template and streamline your operations.

Additionally, the guide includes a walkthrough video that demonstrates exactly how to utilize the template effectively.

You'll also find valuable tips on updating and sharing the Google Doc template with your team members, contractors, or virtual assistants — making collaboration a breeze.

Say hello to streamlined efficiency.

Oh, and... you can get it for just $9.


How it works

  • Assess and identify

    The first step in organizing your tech tools is to assess and identify what you currently have. Included is a walkthrough/demo of two key ways to take inventory of all your tools. No more scrambling through countless folders or endless lists! By clearly identifying your tech tools, you create a solid foundation for streamlining your processes.

  • Fill in your template

    Your guide begins to take shape as you categorize your tech tools based on their purpose and functionality. This ensures that every project or task has the right tools assigned to it, saving you (or your VA) time and eliminating the confusion, as well as avoiding bogging down your business with multiple tools that serve the same purpose. Say hello to efficiency!

  • Share and collaborate

    One of the biggest challenges that can come when you've scrapily DIY'ed the start of your business (good for you!), and in having others work in your business, is having clear direction on what tools are already in place and what purpose they serve. Holy Tech Tools Batman! solves this problem by allowing you to easily access it, and share your organized tech tool guide with others. Whether it's a virtual assistant, a freelancer, or a new team member, they'll have access to the exact tools they need for each project, increasing productivity and reducing frustration.

  • Update and adapt

    Your business is constantly evolving, and so are your tech tools. With Holy Tech Tools Batman!, you have a flexible system that allows you to update and adapt your tech tool guide as needed. As you create new assets or retire old ones, you can easily make changes to your organized guide without disrupting your workflow. Stay ahead of the game and keep your tech tools organized and optimized. (And since your guide lives on a Google Doc, you'll always be able to access the change history, if needed.)

  • Enjoy the benefits

    By implementing Holy Tech Tools Batman!, you'll experience the incredible benefits of an organized tech tool system. No more wasted time searching for which tool does what or feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of items you have — hello website dashboards! With a clear and concise guide, you and anyone you bring in to help can focus on what really matters – growing your online business.

Solopreneurs, small business owners, digital marketers, membership owners, course creators, and e-commerce entrepreneurs...

You can easily organize you tech tools to achieve your goals of streamlining workflow, increasing productivity, improving collaboration, enhancing creativity, and reducing overwhelm. Say goodbye to tech chaos and hello to a well-organized and efficient digital tech toolbox!

Maybe You're Wondering...

How long it will take depends on how long you've been in business and how familiar you are with your business tools and assets. It could take 10 minutes, it could take an hour.

Perfect! Having an organizational system in place from the get-go is a wonderful decision!

Just a free Google account — and some awareness of your business assets and offerings.

Due to the digital, instant-access nature of this item, all sales are final, and Guppy Gigs does not offer any money-back guarantees for this purchase.

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